Wurth SUPER RTV Silicone sealing compound, BLACK high temp 200ml

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Wurth SUPER RTV Silicone sealing compound, BLACK high temp 200ml

High-quality adhesive and sealing compound for use in industry and the automotive sector.


Excellent resistance to chemicals

  • Can also be used in critical areas in which the seal comes into contact with various liquids
  • Outstanding resistance to engine oil and transmission oil, refrigerant and anti-freeze agent

Non-acidic hardening system

  • Non-corrosive, therefore has no negative impact on electronic components and on lambda probes

Sealant in compressed-air can

  • Easy to dispense without additional aids
  • The fine beads allow the product to be applied uniformly

When sealing e.g. oil pans and gearboxes it is vital that no sealant gets into the interior. For this reason we recommend to apply the sealant on a joining part surface. Join both parts and then carefully press by hand and lightly slide against each other. Afterwards separate the parts again and then remove the sealant that has gone inside. Join the components again within a max. of 5 minutes and tighten firmly. Before commissioning, observe the hardening time (depending on the sealant thickness).


Optimum adhesion to dry, clean and dust-free surfaces. The old sealant must be removed in full from the surface.




200 ml

Chemical basis

Neutral crosslinked silicones, oxime-based



Min./max. temperature resistance

-60 to 260 °C

Max. short-term temperature resistance

300 °C

Range of applications

Water pumps
Oil pumps
Front cover
Camshaft bearing cover
Thermostat housing
Oil pans
Transmission cover


1.25 g/cm³

Min. skin-formation time

5 min

Conditions for skin-formation time

at 23°C and 50% relative humidity

Full curing speed

3 mm/d

Fully hardening/curing conditions

23°C and 50% relative humidity

Shore A hardness


Min. tensile strength

2.2 N/mm²

Conditions for tensile strength

in accordance with ASTM D-412

Max. breaking elongation/conditions

550 % / in accordance with DIN 53504

Heat conductance λ

0.2 J/(m*s*K)

Heat conductance λ conditions

in accordance with ASTM D-2214/70

Coefficient of thermal expansion

0.0002 1/K

Coefficient of thermal expansion conditions

in accordance with ASTM EB-31

Dielectric strength

16 kV/mm

Dielectric strength conditions

in accordance with ASTM D-149

Relative permittivity


Conditions for relative permittivity

1 MHz, ASTM D-150

Loss factor


Loss factor conditions

1 MHz, ASTM D-150

Specific volume resistivity

1000000000000000 Ohm/cm

Conditions for specific volume resistivity

in accordance with ASTM D-257

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