Whale WU7207 Pressure Switch, White

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  • Detects the opening or closing of any tap in the system and switches the pump on or off accordingly
  • Can be used with 12/24 V whale submersible and in-line electric pumps
  • Designed for simple freshwater pressure systems
  • Recommended that a strainer be fitted in-line to prevent foreign matter from entering the pressure switch
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Product Description

Whale has led the way since the 1940's with ground breaking pump design through to recent innovation leaps in intelligent control electronic pump systems in recreational vehicles. The well-known brand has a reputation built on decades of high quality design expertise. Today, Whale supply the marine, caravan/motorhome, shower drainage and industrial markets around the world with innovative freshwater, bilge and waste pumps and water and space heating systems. Their forward thinking approach is driven by a dedicated team who exude a passion for delivering the best possible product and service for their customers. The strong focus on quality is backed up by the company having accreditation for all three ISO certifications i.e. 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

System Requirements

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