Walex PORTA-PAK Lavender Breeze x20 Sachets (Twin Pack)

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Walex PORTA-PAK Lavender Breeze x20 Sachets (Twin Pack)

20 x Drop cassette toilet sachets

Unbeatable odour prevention

Formaldehyde free

Breaks down waste and paper rapidly

Pre-packaged portion control – easy to drop in and no Blue hands

Pleasantly scented without the familiar chemical smell

New cassette size toilet sachet

Easy to Handle

- Easy to Use

- Dissolves Quickly

- PORTA-PAK is the result of Walex's extensive research into discovering new, highly effective natural enzymes to control odour and liquefy waste. It starts working immediately to control odours and breakdown solids in the waste tank, including all types of paper. PORTA PAK is completely safe for the environment and septic tanks.

- No need for messy liquids or chalky tablets

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