Vango Power Socket Supply Voltaic Roll Away 15m ORANGE

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The Voltaic Roll Away offers 15m of roll away cable to allow freedom of positioning your mains electrical. With 3 sockets and 2 USB ports you can supply power to multiple devices at a time.FeaturesRoll away multiple power socket supply3 UK plug sockets2 USB portsLED light on the face making it easy to find in the dark15m 3G1.5 roll away cable2x stabilisers - To provide stability when in useWeight: 3.5kgPack size: L28.5 x H35 x W17cm

    • 3 UK plug sockets

    • 2 USB ports

    • 15m roll away cable

    • Bright LED light to help locate in low light

    • 2 stabilisers to provide stability

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