Thetford Fresh Up Set Kit C2 C3 C4 Series

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Thetford Fresh Up C2 C3 C4 cm Right Toilet Seat Tank with Wheels

A Thetford Toilet C2 C3 C4 right hand Fresh-Up Kit is the perfect, money-saving option for keeping your caravan toilet looking, and working, as good as it did when you first got your van. If your toilet is starting to look tired or your Thetford cassette tank is starting to show signs of age, a whole, brand new toilet unit could cost you hundreds of pounds!

Make sure you have the right kit for your caravan toilet!

The Thetford C/2/3/4 toilet has a long cassette with yellow accents. The base of the toilet should extend out beyond the sides of the toilet. If it doesn’t, you may have a C200 toilet. This toilet fresh-up kit is specifically for the R/H cassette.

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