Wurth Bottle Superglue SUPERFAST 20g

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Wurth Bottle Superglue SUPERFAST 20g

For bonding metal, plastic and rubber parts with and to each other in a matter of seconds.
Clever special closure

Precise dispensing
The tips do not become clogged
Bonds in seconds

Immediate further processing possible
Fast repairs
Simple designs without additional fastening materials possible
High level of resistance to ageing and climatic conditions

Solvent and silicone-free

If surfaces are too dry or acidic, this will delay or prevent hardening, while higher levels of moisture and alkaline surfaces will have an accelerating effect.
Due to the vapour pressure of the liquid adhesive, slow curing excess product around the adhesive area may result in a white deposit (blooming effect). These are adhesive vapours that are hardening. These can be removed with e.g. isopropanol or acetone. However, it is important to note that the surfaces of the parts to be cleaned are also resistant to these solvents. Blooming can be prevented/reduced by using the adhesive economically and ensuring sufficient air humidity and ventilation in the work area.

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