STERLING DC Battery to DC Battery Charger 12v 30a

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STERLING DC Battery to DC Battery Charger 12v 30a

Sterling battery-to-battery chargers fast charge batteries from your existing alternator or other charger without the need for complex wiring and also without affecting the electronic control units (ECUs). You can provide the onboard batteries with a fast 4 stage charging profile by connecting the B2B between the battery being charged and the battery you wish to charge. On vehicles with regenerative braking, the charger will prompt the alternator to charge even when not applying the brakes.

  • Each battery bank receives the correct charge current, depending on it's state of charge.
  • The voltage drop induced by a long cable run to a remote or bow-mounted battery is corrected for (these batteries tend to not be fully charged otherwise).
  • Alternator output is maximized, minimizing engine run time for battery charging.
  • Remote batteries are properly maintained and de-sulphated, extending battery life.

Sterling BB1230 battery to battery charger features:

Multiple Activation Modes: Automatic, Manual, and Regenerative braking.

Current is NOT taken from the input battery and given to the output battery. The B2B uses alternator power to charge the output battery. Manual mode and regenerative braking mode allows you to override this.

Multi stage fan cooling

Night Time Setting: Allows the unit to ran at half the power so the fan noise is kept down.

Boost / Reduce Charging: The B2Bs ensure batteries get the correct charging profile irrespective of high or low input voltages.

9 preset battery type options plus a customizable profile

4 stage battery charging: faster than a stand alone alternator.

Very Simple to install.

Remote control optional.



STERLING DC Battery to DC Battery Charger 12v 30a

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