Starbrite Vinyl Cleaner & Restorer White STAGE 2

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Product Description

Starbrite Vinyl Cleaner & Restorer White 500ml revolutionary new formula cleans and restores all vinyl surfaces while leaving a polymer coating which provides UV protection and a long-lasting shine. The formula makes old, dull vinyl look like new by removing stains and yellowing, providing UV protection that helps keep the vinyl soft and supple, ensuring an attractive, long lasting shine.

Starbrite Vinyl Cleaner & Restorer White 500ml Features:
Cleans and protects all kinds of colours of vinyl.
Ideal for restoring stained and faded vinyl.
Rejuvenates all vinyl surfaces.
Special polymers protect against stains.

In order to keep vinyl looking its best despite constant exposure to the harsh marine environment and damaging UV rays. Star brite has a wide selection of specially-formulated cleaners and protectants that do the job without harming the surface, as can be the case with bleach, and provide significant, long-term protection unlike spray-on topical treatments that lose effect after a few hours.

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