Dometic Seitz S4 Sliding Window W900 x H500

Sale price£649.99


SEITZ S4 SLIDING WINDOW SYSTEM - S4 is supplied as a complete kit of the window and integrated Blind flyscreen system, all in one box. The Seitz S4 is the window of choice by many motorhome and camper manufacturers throughout Europe. Easy installation and long life span are guaranteed: Outer and inner frame are simply screwed together from inside, clamping the window to the vehicle wall, for a lasting and continuous seal. Highly versatile: for wall thicknesses of 26-41 mm (fitted by shortening the inner frame) Blind material is white to the interior with a thermally reflective silver aluminised coating to the outside. Fly net is white with no pattern. S4 Sliding window is installed with the fixed half pane to the rear of the aperture (based on driving direction) and the sliding pane to the front. Available as Left or Right hand side of vehicle version. SIZE QUOTED IS THE APPROXIMATE CUT OUT SIZE. DO NOT CUT HOLES UNTIL YOU HAVE YOUR WINDOWS.

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