Wurth Bottle Pipe Sealant MEDIUM Strength Yellow 50g

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Wurth Bottle Pipe Sealant MEDIUM Strength Yellow 50g

For sealing all metallic pipe couplings and fittings with conical/cylindrical threads in line with DIN 2999


  • Immediate leak tightness
  • Firmly tightened connections can be immediately loaded up to approx. 5 bar after final curing up to the burst pressure of the pipes
  • High media resistance
  • Neutral behaviour with regard to most industrial liquids and gases
  • Sealing compound does not leak out of thread
  • Quick and secure assembly
  • Easy to remove
  • Solvent and silicone-free

DOS system:

Practical one-handed operation thanks to the clever turn lock
One hand always remains free.

Continuously adjustable dispensing system
Dispensing can be adjusted to suit the application, and to keep consumption and costs to a minimum.

No residue material in dispensing neck
Costs optimised thanks to emptying with virtually no remaining product

Not suitable for screw connections containing copper (brass, bronze, red brass) that come into contact with water > 40°C. Not permitted for gas connections in buildings in Germany. In accordance with TRGI ’86/96.
The thread must be cut in accordance with the standard. During and once the product has hardened, the connections may not be rotated against each other, i.e. readjustment is not permitted.
The following plastics can be affected in the event of prolonged exposure: ABS, celluloid, polystyrene, polycarbonate (Macrolon), PMMA (Plexiglas), polysulfone, SAN (lurane, Tyril), Vinidur, vulcanised fibre and painted surfaces. We always recommend that you conduct your own tests
The initial strength, final strength and functional strength depend on the material
Not permitted for gas connections in buildings in Germany in accordance with TRGI ´86/96.

Application area

Seals metallic pipe connections in compliance with ISO 7.1 (tapered / cylindrical threads) to R3".

Ideal for sealing fittings or valves, threaded connections in metal water pipes (as well as service water in heating or cooling circuits, sprinkler systems etc.).

It can also be used to seal petrol, diesel, or pneumatic lines. The product is also suitable for sealing pressure reducers or oil separators in compressed air supply systems.


This liquid plastic cures when in contact with metal in the absence of oxygen. The contact surfaces must be dry, dust-free and grease-free. Moisten the adhesive surfaces sufficiently and put them together immediately.

For more information, please refer to the technical data sheet.

Weight of content

50 g

Chemical basis

Dimethacrylic acid ester

Fully hardening/curing conditions

Exclusion of oxygen and contact with metal (copper or iron ions)


Yellow fluorescent


1.05 g/cm³ / in accordance with DIN EN ISO 2811-1

Min./max. viscosity 1 /conditions 1

55000-80000 mPas / at 25°C, Brookfield RVT, spindle 6/2.5 rpm

Min./max. viscosity 2 /conditions 2

18000-30000 mPas / at 25°C, Brookfield RVT, spindle 6/20 rpm

Max. gap-filling ability

0.50 mm

Suitable for

Thread diameter max. R 3 inch (M80)

Min./max. initial strength

15-30 min

Min./max. functional strength

1-3 h

Max. final strength

6 h

Min./max. processing temperature

5 to 40 °C

Min./max. temperature resistance

-55 to 150 °C

Min. flashing point

100 °C

Min./max. breakaway torque

10-20 Nm

Breakaway torque conditions

DIN EN 15865

Min. prevail torque

5 Nm

Conditions for prevail torque

DIN EN 15865

Min./max. compressive shearing strength /conditions

6-13 N/mm² / in accordance with ISO 10123

Shelf life from production/conditions

18 Month / at room temperature





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