Outwell Katla Camping Portable Heater 1500w Thermostat 230v

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The Outwell Katla Camping Portable Heater has two power settings of 1kW (1000 Watts) and 1.5kW (1500 Watts) and is ideal for smaller tents!

This handy, lightweight camping heater is essential on out of season camping trips.

It warms up quickly so you will be snug in no time and features an adjustable thermostats so that you are in control of your preferred temperature.

The tip over switch and overheat protection also keep you safe and If the weather warms up you can simply switch it to the cold air fan.

The folding carry handle makes for portable and easy transportation.

Features and Specifications:

Two power settings 1kW and 1.5kW

Quick, efficient ceramic heating element

Seven-level switch

Adjustable thermostat

Automatic oscillation

Overheat protection

Tip over safety switch

Power indicator light

Cold setting - fan blower

Folding carry handle

Quiet operation

Low dust accumulation 3m cable.

Source: 230V

Material: Plastic/metal

Weight: 1.5kg

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