NEBO Tango Rechargeable 1000 Lumen LED Work Light with Power Bank NE6665

Sale price£28.99



    • Multifunction: the Nebo Tango has 3 separate lighting modes, a general use 750 lumen work lamp, an intensely 1, 000 lumen floodlight and a 250 lumen spotlight

    • Rechargeable: the Nebo Tango has a fully USB chargeable lithium Ion battery making it incredible practical

    • Multipurpose: not only is the Tango a brilliant multipurpose lantern, but it also has the duel function of working as a power bank for your smart phone or other USB device

    • Built to last: designed to be at home on a camping site or building site, The Nebo Tango flashlight is water resistant and impact resistant

    • Versatile gift: portable, tough, rechargeable and high powered, the Nebo Tango makes an amazing gift

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