Morris Engine Oil Versimax HD3 20W-50

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Morris Versimax HD3 20W-50 5L

Product code: AO-001
Manufacturer SKU: RIT005


A good quality diesel engine oil particularly recommended for older vehicles or where equipment is used in climates with high ambient temperatures. The additive technology gives excellent results in naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines, permitting reduced inventory in mixed fleet operations. Versimax HD3 20W-50 has high levels of detergency /dispersancy to reduce combustion chamber deposits and ring sticking, as well as preventing excessive soot thickening. This grade will protect from wear, rust and corrosion.

Versimax HD3 20W-50 is suitable for use in diesel engines used in commercial vehicles, buses, coaches, vans, marine craft, off-highway and agricultural equipment. The versatility of this product also allows its use in petrol engines fitted in light commercial vehicles and passenger cars, where any of the performance levels shown below are specified.

Versimax HD3 20W-50 can be used in Perkins’ engines where API CH4 or earlier API classifications, are quoted in service literature.

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