Wurth Tube Liquid Metal Fe 1 500g

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Wurth Liquid Metal Fe 1 500g


Application area

Particularly suitable for filling moulds, and for sealing and covering leaking areas.

Example applications

Abrasions on pump housings, impellers, propellers, rudders, heat exchangers, condensers, dust lines, slides, chutes, pins, broken threads

Sealing leaks on radiators, tanks, water containers, water lines, oil lines, housings
Cavities in grey cast iron during casting, grey cast iron during processing
Running-in damage on shafts, hydraulic cylinders, engine blocks, bearing seating, crank houses
Manufacturing of moulds, holders, models, guides, prototypes
The metals must be cleaned and degreased bare. Mix Liquid metal components A and B homogeneously 1:1. Apply the mixture immediately with a spatula (short pot life). The hardened liquid metal can be easily machined by lathing, milling, drilling etc. Please note the enclosed application instructions.

Wurth Liquid Metal Fe 1 500g

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