Hempel Paint Stripper 2.5L single part

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Hempel Paint Stripper 2.5L single part

Highly effective solvent based paint remover, making it easier to remove old paint and antifouling. Suitable for the removal of old paint and antifouling.

Apply with a brush or roller, leave to work and scrape off. This product can remove several coats per application.


depends greatly on thickness of application, but a 2.5l can should provide approximately one application to a boat of around 30 feet. a 40 foot boat would require around two cans.

Instructions for use:

  • Test a small section to see how long the whole job is likely to take.
  • Apply Hempel’s Paint Stripper liberally by brush or roller to a dry surface.
  • Take caution on plastics (it may harm some thermoplastics).
  • Don’t do too big an area at once.
  • Leave for 15 – 30 minutes until the paint coat dissolves or lifts. (Antifoulings, alkyd paints and varnishes react quickest, silicone and epoxy take longer.)
  • We recommend putting aluminium foil over the treated area to help stop active solvents evaporating.
  • Scrape off old paint; clean with hot water and Hempel’s Pre-Clean.
  • Old or thick coatings may need a repeat treatment.

Size: 2.5 Litre

Download the product data sheet here.

Download the MSDS Safety Sheet here.

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