Hempel EPOXY FILLER 130ML two part

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Hempel EPOXY FILLER 130ML two part

A non-shrinking, 2-component epoxy filler for: GRP, wood and metal.

HEMPEL'S EPOXY FILLER 35253 is a two-component, solvent-free, epoxy filler. Especially suited for the repair of cracks, fissures and small imperfections.

1. On surfaces especially suited for smooth filling.

2. For filling of minor pinholes in weldings, cavities in propellers, keels and similar.

3. Repair of osmosis damage in glass fibre hulls.

Suitable on glass fibre, hardwood, steel and other rigid materials. For interior and exterior use above and below the waterline.

Suitable for surfaces that do not deform.

Excellent for repairing damage on fiberglass boats, as well as scratches on catamaran hulls.

It is sandable.

Color: Light grey

A two component, solvent free, epoxy filler. Use for a variety of filling and fairing jobs both above and below the waterline. Can be applied in thick coats up to approximately 5mm without runs or sags. Fair before overcoating with relevant primer. Suitable for glassfibre, metals, hardwood, ferrocement and other rigid materials.

• 130ml

Download Product Datasheet here.

Download Paint Manual here.

A two pack, epoxy filler for use above and below the waterline. Base 65ml - 130ml mixed volume.

Preparation and Applications:

  • Ensure all surfaces are clean, oil free and dry.
  • Clean with Degreaser or Yacht Cleaner.
  • Stir all products well before use.
  • If overcoating times are exceeded, abrade the surface and wash off with fresh water.

On a previously coated surface:

  1. Abrade to remove loose matter and provide a suitable key.
  2. Wash surface with fresh water and allow to dry.
  3. Apply Epoxy Filler up to a thickness of 5mm, fair before overcoating with the relevant primer.

On a previously uncoated surface:

  1. Apply one or two coats of Primer before applying Epoxy Filler, then apply further coats of Primer.
  2. Apply 2 coats of Bilge and Locker Paint.
  3. Thinners can be used to assist application under certain conditions.

Mixing: Immediately before use, mix equal parts of the two components until a uniform colour is obtained. Avoid bubbles in the mixture.

Application method: Filler knife, spatula, trowel Coverage: 1m²/ 1L @ 1mm thickness Minimum application temperature: 5ºC / 40ºF

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