FIAMMA Soft Toilet Rolls x6 Pack

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FIAMMA Soft Toilet Rolls x6 Pack

Special 2-layered soft toilet paper. Ideal for fixed and portable toilets thanks to its dissolving formula.

It won't clog up tanks or waste valves. Stronger and softer tissue dissolves quickly in water.

The Fiamma Soft Toilet Rolls are a special two-layered soft toilet tissue. These rolls are stronger and softer compared to the other brands with fibres that break down quicker in toilet chemicals. This prevents clumping in tanks and waste valves, making emptying and cleaning much easier! It also means you can keep your toilet fresher and in good condition for longer.

  • 300 sheets per roll
  • 6 roll pack
  • Strong and soft
  • Two layered tissue
  • Breaks down quickly


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