Fiamma Water Pump 12v 13L Pressurised Water Pump Aqua F

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Aqua 8 is the classic Fiamma pump since several generations.

From this solid base we have developed Aqua F, the ideal choice for the needs of drinking water, thanks to its innovative features.

The Aqua F is a self-priming diaphragm pump with 4 chambers for potable water designed for a constant and high flow.

Equipped with innovative inner membrane made from a single piece to ensure watertight seal, with anti-vibration base, brass pressure switch with fixed calibration and external filter for easy maintenance (optional for the 10l version).

Enhanced motor with high efficiency, to ensure high capacity with low power consumption.

Installation: Can be installed in any position and can run dry without damage. Connections to the system via Ø 13mm pipes (delivered as standard for 13l version, optional for the 10l version) or instant fittings with 1/2" female thread and Ø 13mm hose joint (not standard delivered).

Versions: Two versions available, with 13 and 10l. flow rate. The 10l model is indicated for standard circuits, where it is not required a high flow rate, it's a low power consumption and more economic version, with filter and fittings provided as an option.

Constant Water Flow: The largest number of pistons, each of which assisted by one inlet valve (the outer ones in the picture) and one outlet valve (the four internal), apply a constant thrust; this translates into a continuous water flow. To get the best performance, we recommend using the expansion tank A20.

Noise: Several factors contribute to reduce vibrations, making this pump even quieter More balanced pressure Rubber membrane in a single piece Compact mechanical transmission Anti vibration base

Fiamma Product Code: 07073-01-
Absorbtion: 2,5 A
Max Air Flow: 13 l/m
Noise Level: 50 dB
Pressure Switch Interv.: 1,5 Bar
Weight: 2.2kg

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