Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner Yellow 1L

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Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner Yellow 1Lire

Key features

  • Best-selling cleaner.
  • Concentrated formula.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Easy clean experience.

Product description

Perfect for easily removing stubborn black streaks, algae and more, Fenwicks Caravan cleaner is just what you need to clean your caravan. This caravan cleaner is specially formulated and tested on various surfaces from plastics, acrylic, fiberglass, aluminium, decals, so it is safe on all surfaces. It attracts dirt like a magnet which allows for an easy, stress-free cleaning experience.

With the lack of harsh chemicals, such as sodium hydroxide contained in most cleaners, Fenwicks cleaner will not damage the final finish of your caravan, meaning no fading, no cracking and no loss of glossiness. You can be assured that no damage will come to your caravan even after continued use, keeping your caravan factory fresh!

All features

  • Caravan cleaner.
  • No long term damage.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Easy clean experience.
  • Specially formulated.
  • Safe on all caravan surfaces.
  • Economical.
  • Biodegradable.

Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner Concentrate will easily remove black streaks, green algae, road traffic film, diesel fumes, and over wintering grime, etc. It is suitable for cleaning plastics, aluminium, acrylic windows, GRP, ABS, fibreglass, decals, sealants and much more. Highly concentrated formula to save you money washes upto 40 vans, guaranteed results.

Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner is specifically formulated for the cleaning of caravans. It is NOT a re-badged traffic film remover, like so many other cleaners on the market. We have spent many years testing and perfecting the cleaner. There is no other cleaner that is safer to use, or that is as economical in use. The raw materials used for the manufacture of the cleaner are also the most biodegradable in their class regardless of cost.

Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner cleans in a unique way (when it comes to caravan cleaners).

Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner attracts dirt a bit like a magnet, it then surrounds the dirt and stops it from sticking.

Most other cleaners use aggressive agents e.g. sodium hydroxide (caustic), metasilicates, acids, abrasives, or solvents, which is why they have hazard warning marks on their bottles.

Cleaning with these products initially can look quite effective as a cleaner but problems occur with the degradation of the finish, the gloss finish fades, sealants and mastics dry and crack, in some cases windows become damaged (solvent based cleaners), aluminium becomes discoloured and streaked (alkali cleaners are very good at this). Why spend so much money on a caravan and then damage it? Instead use Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner knowing we have over 25 years of cleaning knowledge using the finest and safest ingredients that will not harm your pride and joy.

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