Dometic Midi Heki 700x500mm Non Forced Ventilation Adhesive Sealant

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Dometic Midi Heki 700x500mm Non Forced Ventilation Adhesive Sealant

Roof thickness 25-34 mm

With sealant

Mini Heki Roof Light (without forced ventilation).

The large aperture of the Midi Heki 700 x 500 allows plenty of light and air into your van, giving a great "open", airy feel to the interior.

The neat built in fly net is great for maintaining ventilation when there are flies and mozzies around, so you can go to sleep reassured that you won't be covered on bites in the morning.

There is also a built in blackout blind so that you aren't awoken by the early rising morning sun.

The cap is a double glazed, aerodynamically shaped dome made of unbreakable Polycarbonate and tinted light grey.

This opens in three positions the same as the Midi Heki: open completely, half open or bad weather position:

The dome is automatically locked when closed.

Easy installation in roofs with a thickness of 25-34mm.

Inner frame with darkening and single pleated fly screen (can be adjusted separately)

Available with or without forced ventilation Lever or crank operated.

For large roof opening of 700mm x 500mm Max. opening angle of 45° (handle/lever) to 60° (crank) 3 opening positions for lever model

- fully open, intermediate and bad-weather positions Dome with dual-layer glazing dome

- welded with the outer frame Locking device and hinge integrated in the frame Hassle-free cleaning

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