Dekalin Dekaseal 8936 Sealant 310ml BLACK

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  • Dekaseal 8936 is a PIB bedding sealant which can be used for windscreens, frames, external peripherals openings, drains and pipings and will adhere to lacquers, aluminium, ABS, PMMA and wood.
  • Sealing of overlaps and joints in e.g. bus-, caravan-, camper-, train- and truck construction;

  • Sealing of screw and bold connections;

  • Sealing of sunroof systems;

  • Applied under concealing strips both for the installation of windows and light bubbles in caravan, carriage and container construction;

  • Suitable for use between metal plate, glass, GFK, wood and other materials;

  • Sealing of the rubber-glass joint in busses, cars, trains & trucks.


  • Excess of Dekaseal 8936 can be removed after a few minutes;

  • Very good UV-resistance and ageing properties, proven track records;

  • In general good adhesion on several substrates without the use of a pretreatment;

  • Dekaseal 8936 is available in different viscosity’s and colours;

  • Can be used within temperatures from -30°C to +100°C;

  • Long storage life, up to two years;

  • Long-term durability experience, many references;

  • Can not be painted over, if needed Dekaseal 8869 should be taken.


In general Dekaseal 8936 adheres well without pretreatment on clean, dry, dust and grease-free substrates of aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised steel, zinc, copper, brass, powder coated metal, most lacquered metal surfaces, glass, PVC, polyester (GRP), painted and lacquered wood, etc. No adhesion will be achieved on polyethylene, polypropylene and Teflon without special treatment.

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