Dekalin Dekaphon 9735 Underbody Protection 500ml BLACK

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Dekaphon 9735 is a durable protective coating with anti corrosion properties.

Dekaphon 9735 is an underbody protection system, especially designed for wooden floor panels used for the construction of caravans and campers, more general Recreational Vehicles.

The product has excellent sound deadening effects and offers a durable protection to the chassis of for instance, recreational vehicles, cars, trucks and coaches. After drying remains a tough, adhesives film resistant against various climates and gravel.


Wooden floor panels.

Plywood panels.

Side skirts.




Proven durability.

Does not produce a spray mist when applied.

Sound deadening properties.

Does not run on vertical surfaces.

Approved for several “OEM Long-Term Protective Warranty Programs”.

Very good adhesion on wood.

Very good resistance to weathering, spray water and abrasion.

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