BETA Marine Engine Oil 5 Litre 15W-40

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BETA Marine Engine Oil 5 Litre 15W-40

Genuine Beta Marine branded 15W-40 API CF oil, in a 5 litre container, suitable for lubricating all Beta Marine diesel engines in all specified temperature ranges.

API classification CF replaces both CD and CE.

Beta Marine recommend changing your engine oil:

- After the first 50 hours

- Every 150 hours (for shallow sump engines only)

- Annually or 250 hours if sooner

Beta Marine Lubricating Oil is a 15W-40 mineral based multigrade oil specifically suitable for low revving naturally aspirated and turbocharged marine diesel engines.

Excellent protection from low temperature starting down to -25C, and a high temperature operation at ambients of +55 degrees celcius. Advanced oil technology gives maximum engine protection whilst reducing deposits and corrosion on all components; ensuring longer engine life and optimum performance even under arduous conditions and winter periods.

This will enable you to service and maintain your Beta Marine engine using the manufacturer recommended lubricant.

Beta Marine Standard Sump Oil Capacity:

Engine Model - Beta 25 Beta 30 Beta 38 Beta 43 Beta 50 Beta 60 Beta 75
Capacity (Litres) 4.5 5 6 9.5 9.5 9.5 13.2

Please check with your own operator / maintenance manual for exact capacity. The above is provided for guidance only.

This oil meets the performance requirements of:

API (American Petroleum Institute) Classification CF (CD & CE have been replaced by CF)



Volvo: VDS-3

Cummins: 20071/72/76/77

VW: 500.01,505.00

MAN: M3275

Renault: RVI RLD

Mercedes Benz: 228.3, 229.1

Brand Beta Marine
Type Engine Oil
Size 5 Litres

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