Wurth Bottle Super Concentrate DPF Cleaner

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Wurth DPF Super Concentrate Cleaner


Reduces the 'burn off' temperature of soot clogging the DPF filter on diesel vehicles assisting in particulate filter regeneration.

Application area

Use 1 can with minimum half tank of fuel.

The DPF Cleaner from Wurth is a vehicle-specific particulate filter cleaning fluid. It is designed to remove deposits that accumulate on your particulate filter. The product helps your car's exhaust system perform better by reducing the temperature of the soot that accumulates in the filters. You can use it on any vehicle with a minimum fuel tank level of half a tank. It is suitable for vehicles up to 60 litres in capacity.

A DPF Cleaner is a spray that is designed to remove all solid particulates from your diesel exhaust. It works by regenerating the DPF by cleaning out particulate matter from the filter. It works by removing all of the particulates that clog it. After the DPF Cleaner has completed its job, your car will have a clean exhaust and be more fuel efficient.

The DPF Cleaner is an excellent choice for cleaning your diesel particulate filter. By removing soot deposits, it regenerates the filter and restores it to full absorption capacity. It is safe and effective. Using this spray product, you can reduce the amount of emissions by as much as 50%. You can get it at any automotive parts store and find a convenient location near you. There is a DPF Cleaner available seven days a week and you can pick up the container on any day of the week.

A DPF Cleaner is a spray product that works to regenerate your diesel particulate filter. This product works to remove all particulate deposits that can harm your vehicle. It can be applied directly to the DPF. There is no need for you to remove the DOC. You can even use it to clean your vehicle's DOC if you need to. If you want a cleaner that can regenerate the DPF faster, DPF Cleaner from Wurth is the one for you.

The DPF Cleaner by Wurth is an innovative product that regenerates the diesel particulate filter. This spray removes all solid particulate deposits and helps your car's engine function better. The DPF Cleaner is safe and easy to use. It is a powerful product for restoring the DPF. The DPF is a very important component of your vehicle, and a cleaner is a must-have for any diesel.

DPF Cleaner is a product that regenerates the diesel particulate filter. It helps restore the filter's capacity and helps it perform at its best. It can also be used on other parts of your car, including the exhaust pipe. Using DPF Cleaner is safe for your car, and it will work effectively to improve your vehicle's emissions. Just remember to follow the directions on the bottle and follow the instructions carefully.

Safety Data Sheet


150 ml



Shelf life from production

24 Month


0.816 g/l

Density conditions

at 20°C

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