Oxford Mint Narrowboat - Mildew Block 150ml

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Oxford Mint Narrowboat - Mildew Block 150ml

Mint Narrowboat Mildew Block is proven to prevent mildew and mold spores forming inside the cabin whilst the boat is closed up and not being used.

Simply press-down the self locking button, place in a central position and the spray will create a mist that covers all surfaces including fabrics with an anti-fungal herbicide. It leaves a pleasant fresh scent on your return.

This highly effective treatment is essential in damp environments where de-humidifiers cannot be used.

Key Features

  • Prevents Mildew and Mold forming
  • Keeps the cabin smelling fresh
  • For use in cabins and under canopies or covers
  • Single use product
  • Pleasant citrus scent
  • For use on interiors of boats, caravans, tents, canopies and inside covers
Brand Oxford

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