Oxford Mint Narrowboat - Canopy Reproofer 500ml

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Oxford Mint Narrowboat Canopy Reproofer 500ml

Mint Narrowboat Canopy Reproofer is a remarkable spray designed to waterproof and protect virtually any fabric, especially acrylic used on canopies, polyester, cotton and nylon.

It also gives UV protection to reduce material fading and enables rain droplets to bead up and run away. A virtually odourless and easy way to weatherproof outdoor equipment and provide extra protection from mildew, oil and bird lime. Ideal for canvas canopies and many other applications such as tents, outdoor clothing, carpets etc.

• Rain droplets simply bead-up and run off the fabric surface

• Forms an invisible barrier and protects against water, dirt, oil and bird droppings. UV inhibitors give protection against the sun's harmful rays

• Re- apply every 6 months

• Can be used on clothing, outdoor covers, tents, seating, carpet etc.

• Silicon free and environmentally friendly

• Size: 500ml

Brand Oxford
Size 500ml

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