ProPlus Hazard Warning Light x16 x8 LED

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Hazard Warning Light Orange
New Version
Warning - Protects against - guarantees
With 16 + 8 ultra-bright red LEDs
Includes high capacity 3 V Lithium Battery (Type: CR123/A)

Item specifics:
Quick and easy securing accident areas or danger source
3 different warning functions with 16 + 8 ultra-bright red LED lights
Visual range: 360 °
Up to 1000 m away at a glance (with straight and clear vision)
With a powerful magnet for fast assembly e.g. on the roof of your car
Battery easy to replace
Includes high capacity 3 V Lithium Battery (Type: CR123/A)
Made from durable plastic.
Colour: Red
Handy size
Diameter: 9.5 cm
Height: 3.5 cm
Safe against corrosion
In blister packaging

Area of use:
Emergency Situations
Designed for use in difficult lighting conditions (e.g. in the dark when it rains in fog or even at fume)
Building sites can be marked using the warning Blitzers
Accident US can be quickly for the rear road marked
The use of the warning light for emergencies while driving is prohibited.
Signal programs:
Use for changing the signal programs press the on/off button on the top
Service FAST blinking speed as
Continuous flashing slow
Single flashing light
Continuous lighting: 100%
16 LEDs on the side
8 LEDs at the top
This warning light not replace the warning triangle.

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