Wurth LED Cordless Hand Lamp Articulated 1W/3W Rechargeable

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  • Articulated magnetic LED hand-held light, compact version
  • Ergonomic compact design
  • Dual-material non-slip coating
  • 8 SMD LEDs for the lamp function and 1 SMD LED for the torch function
  • Very wide illumination area
  • Equipped with a torch function allowing you to light up a precise point
  • Powerful magnets on the base and rear
  • Rear hook attachment
  • Li-ion polymer battery
  • Battery charge status indicated by LED bars
  • Articulated
  • Orientation angle adjustable up to 150°
  • Supplied with mains power supply adapter and USB cable
  • The lamp can be recharged via the mains supply or any other device equipped with a USB connector

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