Dometic Gas Cooker Voluntary Product Recall - Risk of serious injury!

Howdy folks.  We just thought we'd circle back around to the infamous Dometic exploding van fault that emerged in 2021. 


We've just had an email from Dometic.  Clearly, they're still worried that there are vehicular timebombs running around out there (think Glasgow Airport circa 2007).


If you bought a model number described below between Oct 20 - Aug 21(ish) you should have a wee check. 


You know all those pictures you see on Facebook of vans going on fire the last couple of years...?  Get checking.


Models Impacted;

If you need further help of guidance on checking your Dometic LPG cooker, please do engage with us OR  

Big thank you to the Dometic safety team for reminding us that this problem hasn't been boxed off and that there are dangerous hobs running around out there just waiting for a spark.  


*please note - we're using bombastic language diliberately, because nobody ever reads product recalls.  You're welcome.*


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